Providing clean water. Eradicating hunger. Changing families forever.

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Our Mission

We believe in doing whatever it takes to bring hope and wellness to families locally and internationally. Our mission is to provide clean water, eradicate hunger, and change families for generations. Read more about how we are providing greater impact in 2021

Water wells

We partner with international organizations to drill water wells around the world. We use local resources and skilled labor to build and maintain our deep, drill water wells. These clean water sites have helped reduced disease and improved safety in the 15+ areas we have drilled.

Family assistance

We are passionate about seeing families healthy and full of hope. We partner with domestic organizations to help support single-parent families and improve quality of life for inner-city communities.

Food programs

We partner with local food pantries and organizations to support undeserved families and communities. We are striving to end hunger one family at a time.

Corporate Partners

We are powered by the donations of individuals and amazing business partners.