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We want to bring holistic change to undeveloped villages, towns, and countries. By utilizing our global partners and locals within target communities, we are able to do more than just build wells. Water is essential to life and for us, a clean water well is where it begins – but not where it ends. Our vision is to build wells, equip people, and create change. Our mission is clear and our plan is simple.

  • Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease and that’s a big problem. Our solution starts with building clean water wells and sanitation in areas where clean water is difficult to acquire.

  • We buy and hire locally in order to assist the local economy. We are efficient but don’t cut corners. We do this maximize the impact of your donation through investing in local economies.

  • We provide solutions for today and tomorrow by providing educational scholarships to locals. This will empower people to learn how to engineer wells, maintain wells, and ultimately invest in their immediate area. One scholarship can potentially change an entire family and community.

  • Everything we do is about restoring hope to those in need. Accessible clean water wells increase the quality of health and afford students the ability to attend school. Proper sanitation and facilities restore dignity, privacy, and safety to otherwise vulnerable women. Scholarships invest in the local economy and provide a future of innovation for those who receive them.

Most of us want to make a big impact on the world, but sometimes the idea of “big” can be paralyzing. However, when we give in small ways somehow it makes us feel like we’ve made a big difference. That is what MakeWell is all about, doing what you can to do good and create change.

Tyler Medina • Co Founder


You won’t find what you were made to do, somehow it finds you. Two friends took a trip around the world hoping to make an impact, but what they experienced would make more of an impact on them. This began the journey of MakeWell Project.


 1 in 10 people can’t access clean drinking water. This is a huge problem and WE are the solution.